Recent Multimedia

  • audio
    by Stanford students
    Stanford students participated in SPOL3 (Stanford Poetry Out Loud 3), the third incarnation of an annual poetry recitation competition.
  • audio
    by Peter McDonald
    A literary perspective on nationalism, modernism, Apartheid, and state censorship.
  • audio
    by Françoise Lionnet
    Lionnet discusses the various issues surrounding French literary identity and the notion of a world literature in French.


Recent Blogs

The mainstream popularity of black culture today does not erase centuries of racial violence and oppression.
What lost sounds do you ever want to hear again?
Poetry connects the remembrance of war with an awareness of the ecological costs of our eating habits
We has them. I want a cheezburger, and I can has cheezburger, but I don't want to want one.
While I was riding on a bus across the campus of Stanford University one afternoon, I noticed that almost everybody I saw was staring into his or her iPhone or talking on it.