• Colloquy

    Americans in Paris

    by Natalia Cecire
    There is perhaps something perverse in returning to Paris in a moment of transnational studies that has aimed to diminish the metropolitan center’s hold on critical attention. Yet the case of Americans in Paris in particular offers insight into the gravitational interactions between empires, and what Nancy Green calls their "élite migration" suggests a prehistory for today’s global cities—New York, London, Singapore, Dubai—and the transnational actors that increasingly dominate the global stage. more
  • Colloquy

    Precariousness and Aesthetics

    by Benjamin Bateman, Elizabeth Adan
    This Colloquy assembles an interdisciplinary group of voices that consider the relationships between aesthetics and precariousness. Emanating from a symposium at California State University, Los... more
  • Colloquy

    Elena Ferrante

    by Barbara Alfano
    The success of Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan novels has sparked worldwide buzz in and out of academia, in literary journals, and in book clubs. Ferrante is the author of seven novels, a collection... more
  • From the Editors

    Arcade on GitHub

    by Roland Greene
    In the spirit of open access that has governed Arcade since its establishment in 2010, we have shared the code for the site on GitHub , an open source repository. We welcome inquiries about how the... more

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  • video
    by Winston James (moderator) / Robert Doran / Lisa Lowe / Edward Dimendberg / Ethan Kleinberg
    Panelists discuss Hayden White’s perspective on “professional history."
  • video
    by Horacio Legras (moderator) / Peggy Kamuf / Irving Goh / Xudon Zhang / Rajagopalan Radhakrishnan
    Is critical theory today a recognizable genre/style of thinking/writing?
  • video
    by Catherine Malabou
    Catherine Malabou delivers the last of three Wellek lectures at the University of California, Irvine.


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