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  • video
    by Winston James (moderator) / Robert Doran / Lisa Lowe / Edward Dimendberg / Ethan Kleinberg
    Panelists discuss Hayden White’s perspective on “professional history."
  • video
    by Horacio Legras (moderator) / Peggy Kamuf / Irving Goh / Xudon Zhang / Rajagopalan Radhakrishnan
    Is critical theory today a recognizable genre/style of thinking/writing?
  • video
    by Catherine Malabou
    Catherine Malabou delivers the last of three Wellek lectures at the University of California, Irvine.


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To prevent social and ecological disaster, an alternative Prometheanism requires a turn away from power, production and profit towards a new relationship to necessity and the natural world.
Homage to a renowned Egyptian novelist whose work resonates both in Egypt and abroad.
Heard of National Novel Generating Month? Algorithms are being used to create texts not written by humans that are hauntingly beautiful.
The myth of Prometheus has multiple incarnations proposing distinct ideologies of progress.
The first iteration of a series on "metaphors of mind" in the pop imaginary.