by William Flesch | 12.01.2010
I guess I just want to register here that it's World Aids Day -- a day once and still too much without art.
by Claire Seiler | 11.30.2010
Here’s a genre in which I haven't written for some time: the lab report (thank you,, for the template).
by Alec Hanley Bemis | 11.29.2010
Peter "Sleazy" Christopherson was a co-founder of Throbbing Gristle, partner of the amazing graphic design studio Hipgnosis, and a video director for artists as likely as Sepultura and Nine Inch Nails -- and as unlikely as Yes.
by William Flesch | 11.29.2010
You know how people will sometimes hum a phrase or say a word or two that haunts them, as though just that phrase, just those words, could mean everything? It's the literary equivalent of the magical name of the beloved. I need only think: Belinda or Geoffrey
by Alec Hanley Bemis | 11.28.2010
Terry Teachout's love of theater, his leisurely pacing, and his old-fashioned-ish musical tastes sometimes leave me with the impression that he's a bit out-of-step with contemporary culture. But then he contributes a column that's so on it snaps into focus just how with it he is, how much he understands the pulse of contemporary life.
by Timothy Morton | 11.27.2010
Why do humanists attack cartoons of Buddhism? Humanists who in their right mind wouldn't dare assault such a cartoon of Islam, Judaism, Hinduism or even Christianity? The answer is simple: it's called Buddhaphobia and it's the subject of my new book. The key resides in the very notion of a cartoon.
by William Egginton | 11.26.2010
Q: What are everyday fundamentalisms? Physicists Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow have recently used the term "model-dependent realism" to talk about the extent to which humans can approximate knowledge of the world as it really is, independent of our senses and the media we use to grasp it. The idea is basically that different conditions require different models of reality, and there is no sense at all in talking about a model-free reality.
by Cecile Alduy | 11.24.2010
There is no double meaning, second degree and third interpretative level to be found in this post. Nothing metapoetic, cutting-edge, smart, hype, or poetic. No trope, no refined aesthetics, no beauty. But meaning yes, humanity yes, community yes. And a call to Arcade as a social network to spread a simple idea.