by William Flesch | 04.29.2011
Stanislas Dehaene, in his fascinating book The Number Sense, describes an experiment with the Sheba, a chimp who not only learned to count accurately but learned to order the Arabic numerals by size from 1 to 9, and could accurately compute the inequality between any two of them presented to her and pick the larger one, which shows extremely impressive symbolic and mathematical understanding.
by Irakli Zurab Kakabadze | 04.28.2011
Poetic genius is measured, firstly, by a poet's ability to subject time to language. This is, to internally overcome time, or, to be more precise, to overcome what time does to language.
by Meredith Ramirez Talusan | 04.27.2011
A comment by Lee Konstantinou to Natalia Cecire's amazing post about academic blogging, in which he writes that Arcade doesn't have the general reader as its main audience, got me thinking about relationships between readership and translation.
by Andrew Goldstone | 04.26.2011
A dark fable of global cultural circulation...
by William Flesch | 04.21.2011
The topic of our attachment to words is allegorical of our attachments to ourselves and to other persons.
by Natalia Cecire | 04.20.2011
How dreary – to be – Somebody!
by Meredith Ramirez Talusan | 04.18.2011
I've been following developments in Filipino rap culture over the past few years, in part because I enjoy listening to rap, but also because there's this fascinating way that the rap battle format has certain similarities to the Filipino tradition of poetic debate called Balagtasan, so that battles in the Philippines incorporate certain elements of that tradition.
by William Flesch | 04.11.2011
In an earlier post I wrote a little about Browning's Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came.