by Bonnie Roos | 11.02.2010
As the season approaches – and by season, I naturally mean, as perhaps only literature academics can fully appreciate, the MLA interview season – I once again find myself pondering the vagaries of the academic job market.
by William Flesch | 11.01.2010
I've been thinking about quotations out of context for a long time: probably since Ray Bradbury made me fall in love with Yeats without my reading a word of him except Bradbury's quotations in title and epigraph. When such quotations are great -- and really that's the most fundamental reason for wanting to quote, or at least for remembering quotations, getting them by heart -- there are two ways they can be great:
by Timothy Morton | 10.30.2010
I called over 1000 voters in 2008 and donated over two grand to Obama's campaign in small donations over several months. So I have something invested in next Tuesday's election.
by Timothy Morton | 10.29.2010
Have you been to Target recently? They have these great new products designed by famous philosopher Gilles Deleuze—cool! 
by Lee Konstantinou | 10.28.2010
I'd like to post a few comments on Mark Greif's excellent essay, "What was the Hipster?" which was published in New York magazine and is part of a new book of the same name put out by the n+1 Foundation.
by Marjorie Perloff | 10.28.2010
Here is a letter I sent Rosemary Feal, the Executive Director of the MLA.  Rosemary responded promptly but said that these programs came out of the different divisions, discussion groups, and special sessions, and reflect the wishes of the membership of MLA.  I'm sure that's so but would we could make it otherwise.  Yes we can!  At least this Old Timer thinks so.
by Timothy Morton | 10.28.2010
They are massively distributed in space and time. They are both human-made and non-human.  They are difficult to observe and have only recently impinged on human awareness.  They outscale us and/or outlast us in disturbing ways, disrupting our notions of “world,” “horizon” and “environment.” 
by Alec Hanley Bemis | 10.27.2010
Below is a YouTube blip by Tyler, the Creator, the one member of LA hip-hop posse Odd Future who is most hotly tipped to go all the way. And, well, now that LA Weekly has finally gotten around to it, I should probably publish my post about them too.