by Alec Hanley Bemis | 10.11.2010

Let me present a backhanded insult about Alex Ross. (Which is to say, a compliment.) Here's the thing that pisses me off about the guy.

by Timothy Morton | 10.10.2010

I've recenly had a lot of success workshopping an essay by blogging about it. It's on Buddhism and object-oriented ontology and you can find the most recent post here.

by William Flesch | 10.07.2010

If you're in New York and seeing You can't get there from here but you can get here from there, the show that Claire Bowen described in a recent post, you should also try to see another astonishing union of literary work and vivid display in the the seven hour production of Gatz at the Public Theater

by Roland Greene | 10.06.2010

Budgets for higher education are shrinking in many places.  What kinds of cuts draw blood, and which ones have histrionic value?

by Claire Seiler | 10.05.2010

The current show at apexart, a non-profit contemporary art gallery in New York, is made for readers. In part because it’s made of readings. The show is small. There are more words in its title—You can’t get there from here but you can get here from there—than there are works in the show.

by William Flesch | 10.04.2010

When I was a kid I hated what I called I-books, first person narratives.  It was not only that there was something unseemly about people telling the kinds of stories I liked (genre: heroic, adventurous, courageous) about themselves.  There was also something just a little bit viscerally off-putting about them.

by Jonathan Mayhew | 10.04.2010

The suspension of aesthetic judgment can be liberating. Not having to worry at every moment about "how good it is" is a foundational gesture in contemporary literary and cultural studies.  The raw material for many kinds of investigation would simply not be available if it first had to pass an acid test of judgment.

by Joshua Landy | 10.02.2010

My friend works in the world’s weirdest building. It’s all made of grass, it has no walls or ceiling, and it’s full of people making financial transactions.