by Allison Carruth | 02.17.2011
I have previously posted about a conference I'm organizing at the University of Oregon entitled Food Justice: Community, Equity, Sustainability.
by Timothy Morton | 02.17.2011
We're all fairly familiar with proleptic irony: the irony of anticipation in which we know something that a character in a narrative doesn't know yet. Now meet its weird sister, born today: apoleptic irony. (Thanks office hours with a super smart undergrad!) I love it when a new term is born, this time with the help of my handy Woodhouse's English–Greek dictionary. 
by Marissa Gemma | 02.16.2011
We here at the publications rubric of Arcade have begun sending up digital smoke signals to call attention to the new issue of our journal Occasion, entitled "States of Welfare." Consider this post a more direct announcement—a front-page headline—for you, Arcade's faithful readers.
by Gregory Jusdanis | 02.16.2011
You’d think from current writing on transnationalism that our interconnected society is an exceptional time in human affairs. Reading work on globalization, by either academics or journalist, you get the impression that we are experiencing a unique phenomenon. Writers are so taken by contemporary developments that they forget to set them in a historical context.
by William Flesch | 02.15.2011
The standard kilogram is losing mass! A couple of keys weigh less than they used to, or anyhow one key does.
by Irakli Zurab Kakabadze | 02.14.2011
It has been very interesting to read and listen to the works of Matt Kadane.  His music has an unusual blessing for the post-industrial age—it has a melody and humanity in it in a time when it is an embarrassment to show human fragility.
by Alec Hanley Bemis | 02.10.2011
About a year ago, I found myself on the set of a late night television show on the same afternoon as a taping by the California group, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.
by William Flesch | 02.09.2011
I began this as a reply to Timothy Morton's extremely helpful comment on entropy in letters and words (following Shannon, whom I've used elsewhere in discussing the editing of Shakespeare). In fact all the comments were wonderful, so let me say thanks. Thanks!