by Timothy Morton | 12.11.2010
In my last post I argued that hyperobjects are nonlocal. Now I'm going to argue that they are temporally foreshortened, or to use a more vivid term, squishy.
by Irakli Zurab Kakabadze | 12.10.2010
There is much talk about the arrest of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.   Opinions are divided and some politicians even go so far to suggest calling him a ‘terrorist”.  In his recent interview with Time when asked if he considered himself practicing civil disobedience, he has said that he is practicing civil obedience.
by Ban Wang | 12.09.2010
It is the time of the year when students from Asia are applying to universities in the US. More and more ambitious young people from the East are looking to American education and culture, nurturing dreams for a bright future.
by Emily Thornbury | 12.08.2010
Hagiography is a lot easier when the saint has had the sense to shut up. William of Malmesbury’s book on the life and miracles of St Aldhelm was held back by two things: not enough written about the saint, and too much written by him. William’s problem wasn’t the quantity of Aldhelm’s writings so much as their style, although he made a valiant attempt to defend it.
by Lee Konstantinou | 12.06.2010
I'd like to use my bloggy pulpit to draw your attention to a draft of Kathleen Fitzpatrick's essay, "Infinite Summer: Reading the Social Network," which discusses the origin and signifiance of an online effort to read Infinite Jest the summer after David Foster Wallace's suicide.
by Brian Reed | 12.06.2010
I've spent the last three days in bed thanks to whatever seasonal bug is felling professors at the University of Washington.  I am falling further and further behind on my to-do list.  I have, however, been able to read a little.
by William Flesch | 12.01.2010
I guess I just want to register here that it's World Aids Day -- a day once and still too much without art.
by Claire Seiler | 11.30.2010
Here’s a genre in which I haven't written for some time: the lab report (thank you,, for the template).