by Timothy Morton | 02.08.2011
What does the online speculative realism movement have to offer a conversation about gender and blogging? Easy: several years of experience dealing with intimidation and despair. Whenever you put new stuff out there, you get flak, no matter what your gender.
by Lee Konstantinou | 02.07.2011
January was apparently Andrew Ross month over at Dissent.  Two articles, Jeffrey J. Williams's "How to be an Intellectual: The Cases of Richard Rorty and Andrew Ross" (in the Winter 2011 issue of the magazine) and Kevin Mattson's "Cult Stud Mugged" (an online original), track Ross's evolution from a so-called cult-stud into someone more akin to an academic labor reporter.
by William Flesch | 02.02.2011
Following up on my earlier post on Nantucket, as well as all the discussion here about Ngrams, I want to offer a few spontaneous speculations based on a new paper that's the talk of at least a couple of neighborhoods in the town.
by Gregory Freidin | 02.01.2011
Twenty years ago in Moscow, especially at night, when the city's daytime roar turned to a steady rumble, I thought I could sense the earth's axis turning. Yes, yes, I know what was happening in Russia was not an isolated event.
by Meredith Ramirez Talusan | 02.01.2011
A New York Times article about gender imbalance in Wikipedia contributions prompted us here at Arcade to think about gender dynamics among our contributors and commenters. After compiling some statistics, listed here in a Harper's Index-type format, the results are generally expected though some are surprising.
by Christopher Warley | 02.01.2011
Yes, Virginia, there can be a point to MLA.
by Alec Hanley Bemis | 01.31.2011
So you've heard Kanye West talking shit like he's the next Michael Jackson, no? If not try this one on for size: "As far as rapping goes, how can I say this? Jordan, Michael Jackson - it's what I do."
by Natalia Cecire | 01.27.2011
The new Arcade multimedia page went live today, thanks to the incomparable Zach Chandler, who also put together the excellent wax cylinder image that's now on the front page. Remember that great sequence in L'Ève future when Edison chastises every previous inventor for not coming up with the phonograph? So brilliantly weird.