by Natalia Cecire | 04.20.2011
How dreary – to be – Somebody!
by Meredith Ramirez Talusan | 04.18.2011
I've been following developments in Filipino rap culture over the past few years, in part because I enjoy listening to rap, but also because there's this fascinating way that the rap battle format has certain similarities to the Filipino tradition of poetic debate called Balagtasan, so that battles in the Philippines incorporate certain elements of that tradition.
by William Flesch | 04.11.2011
In an earlier post I wrote a little about Browning's Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came.
by Lee Konstantinou | 04.07.2011
In The Sublime Object of Ideology, Slavoj Žižek famously lays out his analysis of claims that we* find ourselves in a postideological age.
by William Flesch | 04.06.2011
Some comments here, and also off-list, helped me think further about these issues.
by Alec Hanley Bemis | 04.05.2011
Last week !!! played a semi-private show at New York University where they debuted this LED jacket, created by the creative and technically minded folks at Van Adams Technologies.
by William Flesch | 03.29.2011
I've been thinking about Pierre Bourdieu and also about what I think are common and reductive misreadings of Bourdieu. Bourdieu says two things which will often strike people as incompatible enough that they pay attention only to the first, to wit: That acquired tastes provide those who acquire them symbolic capital.
by Alec Hanley Bemis | 03.24.2011
This one, sung by James Blake, but written by Feist.