by Lee Konstantinou | 04.07.2011
In The Sublime Object of Ideology, Slavoj Žižek famously lays out his analysis of claims that we* find ourselves in a postideological age.
by William Flesch | 04.06.2011
Some comments here, and also off-list, helped me think further about these issues.
by Alec Hanley Bemis | 04.05.2011
Last week !!! played a semi-private show at New York University where they debuted this LED jacket, created by the creative and technically minded folks at Van Adams Technologies.
by William Flesch | 03.29.2011
I've been thinking about Pierre Bourdieu and also about what I think are common and reductive misreadings of Bourdieu. Bourdieu says two things which will often strike people as incompatible enough that they pay attention only to the first, to wit: That acquired tastes provide those who acquire them symbolic capital.
by Alec Hanley Bemis | 03.24.2011
This one, sung by James Blake, but written by Feist.
by William Flesch | 03.22.2011
I've been thinking a bunch about free indirect style -- I may try to incorporate this issue into a short talk I'm giving in April. Or not.
by Alec Hanley Bemis | 03.22.2011
About a year ago, I put out on my label Brassland what I think is one of the best records I've ever had anything to do with, a strange & mysterious song cycle called The Creatures in the Garden of Lady Walton by a group called Clogs.
by Roland Greene | 03.18.2011
In spite of the recent discussion of the topic in the New York Times, I realize there is something antiquarian about my urge to think aloud about the nature of literary criticism. The decline of that role in society probably matters only to a fairly small caste of humanistically inclined readers. The implications of the decline, however, should matter to everyone.