by William Flesch | 01.17.2011
I was intrigued by this (abstract) mathematical analysis of structural balance in social groups because I was teaching Richard II all week, and thinking about my favorite book on Shakespeare, Richard Decker's Anatomy of the Screenplay.
by Allison Carruth | 01.17.2011
Having just returned from a trip to Los Angeles for the Modern Language Association convention, I decided to follow others' cues and post my presentation online.
by Ban Wang | 01.14.2011
A healthy government or nation or culture should be of the people, by the people and for the people. But does the concept of the people as a democratic, social entity still count?
by William Flesch | 01.06.2011
Ben Wolfson has a really great comment to my last post.
by Alec Hanley Bemis | 01.01.2011
And now for a darker start to 2011. One thing the year end always brings is memories of those who did not make it into the year upcoming. Ergo, the passing of Captain Beefheart.
by Alec Hanley Bemis | 01.01.2011
A quick shot of video optimism to start off your new year.
by Gregory Freidin | 12.30.2010
Post Script II. A few days ago I received a request to review an advance copy of An Invisible Rope: A Portrait of Czeslaw Milosz, edited by my friend and Stanford colleague Cynthia L. Haven (Ohio University Press, to be released shortly). Among other recollections of Milosz (he left an indelible mark in those who knew him), there was “Spring in Berkeley,” by Tomas Venclova.
by William Flesch | 12.29.2010
There once was a man from NantucketWhose life was a sham. It was muck. ItWas froth of the seaWhere he'd tried to be free