by Andrew Goldstone | 10.19.2010

Name your favorite historical master narratives!

by Claire Seiler | 10.19.2010

One of the challenges of reading the works of Samuel Beckett, novelist, versus seeing the works of Samuel Beckett, dramatist, is, in fact, seeing. Or envisioning what you’re reading. Bruce Nauman’s film, Slow Angle Walk (Beckett Walk) (1968), both reminded and relieved me of that difficulty.

by William Flesch | 10.17.2010

Bloopers are bloopers, but the study of bloopers is Theory. The study of bloopers can also be fun, and should be (even if an air of quasi-tragic resignation in the face of bloopers is the central, melodramatic posture of deconstruction). It can also tell us a little about the ways that we're all essentially essentialists.

I am, at any rate.

by William Egginton | 10.15.2010

As I am about to criticize the idea of "moral truth" in the paragraphs that follow, let me begin by saying that I am not defending moral relativism. As Sam Harris points out in his recent book, The Moral Landscape: How Science Can Determine Moral Values, "one can reasonably doubt whether any consistent moral relativist has ever existed."

by Jack Chen | 10.15.2010

I'd like to first thank Joshua Landy for his post on Stanley Fish's provocative blog/column in the NYTimes.  I'd like to comment just on one passage from his piece.

by Brian Reed | 10.14.2010

This summer I decided to stop trimming my beard short and see what it would look like longer and fuller. Like many resolutions made during vacation, this one had questionable merit. I look like me, plus an angry squirrel hanging off my jaw.

by Joshua Landy | 10.14.2010

The President of SUNY Albany has just decided to close its programs in French, Italian, Classics, Russian, and Drama.  Here’s a great idea: let’s tell him he did the right thing!

by Timothy Morton | 10.13.2010

Tomorrow I leave for RMMLA, which should be a blast. My new friend philosopher Peter Gratton will be there. I'm going to do a panel with object-oriented philosophers Ian Bogost and Levi Bryant. Ian and Levi have books that are imminent and marvelously complementary, both on OOO.