by David Shih | 02.01.2016
Student demands for changes to their educational experience threaten white property interests in the curriculum. Faculty defenses of the status quo will reveal the nature of those interests.
by Hannah Walser | 01.25.2016
How the autism spectrum in the popular imagination overlaps with and feeds a particular feature of European-American whiteness: the bias toward independence and self-sufficiency. 
by William Egginton | 01.21.2016
His novel contribution to fiction derives from a fascination with how characters perceive and misperceive situations.
by Scott Ferguson | 01.15.2016
These 9 theses raise questions about what it means to use the signifier “capitalism” to name the economic system money conditions. When we label the totality money mediates “capitalism,” we obscure money’s status as a public utility, make its capacities to serve communal and environmental wellbeing imperceptible. 
by Gregory Jusdanis | 12.21.2015
For travelers it is difficult to untangle from the contradictions of tourism, colonialism, and inequality.
by Anthony Galluzzo | 12.14.2015
The ecomodernists envision a decoupling from nature founded on further integration into private markers and technical innovation.
by David Wacks | 12.07.2015
Did the 'lady in the lake' motif of Arthurian legends make it to Castilian via an Arabic chivalric tradition? 
by Steve Mentz | 12.01.2015
Rather than marking the advent of "modernity," the year 1610 commemorates a wave of permanent human-induced changes to the Earth system.