by David Wacks | 12.07.2015
Did the 'lady in the lake' motif of Arthurian legends make it to Castilian via an Arabic chivalric tradition? 
by Steve Mentz | 12.01.2015
Rather than marking the advent of "modernity," the year 1610 commemorates a wave of permanent human-induced changes to the Earth system. 
by Anthony Galluzzo | 11.25.2015
To prevent social and ecological disaster, an alternative Prometheanism requires a turn away from power, production and profit towards a new relationship to necessity and the natural world. 
by Mohammad Salama | 11.20.2015
Homage to a renowned Egyptian novelist whose work resonates both in Egypt and abroad. 
by Kathryn Hume | 11.18.2015
Heard of National Novel Generating Month? Algorithms are being used to create texts not written by humans that are hauntingly beautiful.
by Anthony Galluzzo | 11.16.2015
The myth of Prometheus has multiple incarnations proposing distinct ideologies of progress. 
by Hannah Walser | 11.05.2015
The first iteration of a series on "metaphors of mind" in the pop imaginary. 
by Steve Mentz | 10.29.2015
Living in Nature requires — and sometimes rewards — errancy.