by Gregory Jusdanis | 04.11.2016
In the literary market, there is a preference for narrative over analysis that provides plenty of anecdotal evidence but little understanding. 
by Irakli Zurab Kakabadze | 04.04.2016
On the challenges facing the contemporary writer who dares to question the status quo. 
by Joshua Landy | 03.21.2016
Thanks to new software, soon all essays on literature will be researched, written, and read by computers. Then the rest of us can finally return to watching cat videos.
by William Flesch | 03.17.2016
On how memory relies on rhythm to fill in blanks by giving a silent voice to the unthought. 
by David Shih | 03.14.2016
The show can remind us that "white" is an idea invented to make superiority inheritable, like nobility.
by Cosana Eram | 03.07.2016
When does glossing become an authorial act? Can citation become a creative act? 
by David Shih | 02.01.2016
Student demands for changes to their educational experience threaten white property interests in the curriculum. Faculty defenses of the status quo will reveal the nature of those interests.
by Hannah Walser | 01.25.2016
How the autism spectrum in the popular imagination overlaps with and feeds a particular feature of European-American whiteness: the bias toward independence and self-sufficiency.