Student protests in Amsterdam, budget cuts, and the future of the humanities. 


A personal vision of how social change and climate change are connected in complicated ways. 


What comes next for Greece if Syriza fails in its promise to end austerity policies? 


Reality of austerity as seen from the Athens Metro sheds light on recent elections in Greece


Other than by risking a conversation, how else can we understand each other?


Innocuous looking stones carry the weight of a history that links Nigeria to Brazil.


Drilling beneath recent headlines of violence and terrorism in Nigeria, one finds a country bursting with energy, life, and hospitality.


Hurrah for friendship. This was one of the messages behind the heart-stopping price of close to 19 billion dollars Facebook offered for WhatsApp, the new instant messaging service.


How could a man born on a Greek island in 1869 be a household name in Japan today?


The discovery of being culturally late is a profound human experience. This feeling of tardiness often compels us to leave home in search of better schooling and of social advancement. It changes us completely and distances us from our home.

I have written here about my own entry into modernity as a young immigrant to Canada, where I had to confront the metronome efficiency of Anglo-Saxon society.


Gregory Jusdanis

Gregory Jusdanis teaches Modern Greek literature and culture at The Ohio State University. He is the author of The Poetics of Cavafy: Eroticism, Textuality, History (1987), Belated Modernity and Aesthetic Culture: Inventing National Literature (1991), The Necessary Nation (2001), and Fiction Agonistes: In Defense of Literature (2010).  His book, A Tremendous Thing. Friendship from the Iliad to the Internet, was published in 2014.