by Ali Shakir | 05.24.2018
A translated excerpt from a memoir describing Iraq during the Gulf War and the misery and uncertainty plaguing those living in war zones.  
by Gregory Jusdanis | 04.30.2018
Literature creates what virtual reality tries to erase: the frame or boundary we fashion around the fabricated image that helps to better appreciate the real one. 
by Ayten Tartici | 04.30.2018
In his final film, the late Iranian director pushes the boundary between photography and film to its limit by breaking down the distinction between moment and duration. This reimagination of form would never have been possible without Kiarostami’s openness to digital techniques.
by William Flesch | 04.23.2018
Can poetry help us understand blockchain? Are Bitcoins a new genre of poetry? 
by Leonardo Franceschini | 04.19.2018
On the vital role of the arts and hermeneutics in the current political climate. 
by Holly Crocker | 04.02.2018
By seeing how heroic masculinity passes on a legacy of hatred and violence that continues old injustices, what comes to the fore is the vital need to acknowledge our own personal connections to histories of violence. 
by Jorge Cañizares-Esguerra | 03.22.2018
Maligned in popular conceptions of the history of medicine, Afro-American religious healers in early modern Cartagena played a constructive role in the development of an science that privileged empiricism over dogma in Pablo Gómez's new study, The Experiential Caribbean. 
by Lindsay Turner | 03.06.2018
A Finnish film about the inhumanity and pervasive danger of a system that functions to deny asylum and force deportation, even if that film is warm-hearted, should also be deeply unsettling to US viewers in 2018.