From the Editors

Coming Soon: Colloquies

Over the next several weeks, Arcade will introduce Colloquies, the feature we’ve developed over the past year with the support of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.  A new model of intellectual exchange, Colloquies gathers recent and forthcoming work on an emerging topic, from informal to peer-reviewed.  The feature intends to enrich conversations in the humanities by sharing ideas across modalities (e.g. books, journals, lectures, multimedia) and institutional boundaries; perhaps most important, it invites its readers to become contributors.  Among the first set of Colloquies are “The Nature of Literary Being,” curated by Nancy Ruttenburg; “Modernism’s Unfinished Business,” curated by Rey Chow; "Imagining the Oceans," curated by Margaret Cohen; and “21st-Century Marxisms,” curated by Adam Morris.  We’re eager to show Colloquies to the world, and will welcome your participation.

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Greene is a scholar of early modern culture, especially the literatures of England, Latin Europe, and the transatlantic world, and of poetry and poetics from the sixteenth century to the present. He is the author or editor of five books and many articles. His current projects include books on the poetry of the hemispheric Americas and on the Baroque. Since 2001 he has taught at Stanford University, where he is the Mark Pigott KBE Professor in the School of Humanities and Sciences.