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Great New Products Designed by Gilles Deleuze

Have you been to Target recently? They have these great new products designed by famous philosopher Gilles Deleuze—cool! 

Here are just a few:

Dogon Bath Eggs: just drop one under running water
The Schizo Stroll beard trimmer
War Machines!
My Many Wolves: now with wolf hair styling kit!
The Rhizome Probehead, a vacuum cleaner with detachable nozzles
Spinoza, the all purpose gel: it's a cleaner, it's a pet's chew toy, it's a deity

See more great products here

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Timothy Morton is Professor of English (Literature and Environment) at the University of California, Davis. Professor Morton's interests include literature and the environment, ecotheory, philosophy, biology, physical sciences, literary theory, food studies, sound and music, materialism, poetics, Romanticism, Buddhism, and the eighteenth century. He teaches literature and ecology, Romantic-period literature, and literary theory. He has published nine books and sixty essays, including The Ecological Thought (Harvard UP, 2010) and Ecology without Nature (Harvard UP, 2007).