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For my first post on Arcade I thought I would introduce myself and my recent and current projects.  I graduated with a PhD in Comparative Literature from Stanford in 1988 and am Professor of Spanish at the University of Kansas in Lawrence.  I blog at Bemsha Swing, mostly about jazz and contemporary Spanish poetry.  My plan for Arcade is to continue to blog, though possibly in a more formal style, as I already do at my main blog, with frequent cross-postings.     

My recent books are Apocryphal Lorca and The Twilight of the Avant-Garde.  For this coming academic year, my main projects will be to teach a graduate seminar on Poetry and Performance, with my colleague Jill Kuhnheim, and to develop the course "Writing Jazz," an undergraduate course I will give for the honors program in the spring, while I attempt to figure out what my next book length project will be.  

I am writing several essays on "late modernism" in contemporary Spanish poetry which may develop into a book. What I've found is that the strongest poetry from contemporary Spain comes out of a self-consciously high modernist tradition rather than from a weaker postmodern one.   I plan to use arcade to develop ideas about this project as well as to continue to think about poetry, poetry and performance, and jazz music.  



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Jonathan Mayhew received his PhD in Comparative Literature at Stanford University in 1988.  He was recently promoted to the rank of Professor of Spanish at the University of Kansas, where he has taught since 1996.  He is the author of many articles and four books, most recently Apocryphal Lorca:  Translation, Parody, Kitsch (U of Chicago P, 2009).