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Three Upcoming Issues in Occasion

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Dear readers,


We at Occasion are very excited to preview three upcoming issues, all intervening in significant and urgent matters of our time. First in line is an issue on "Race, Space, and Scale," edited by Wendy Cheng (Arizona State) and Rashad Shabazz (University of Vermont). Taken together, the articles in this issue ask

How does the relationship between race and space work at various (non-exclusive) scales, from the body to globally?  What is the role of the state in continuing to produce and mediate the relationship between race and space?  How do geopolitics function in the everyday, and how might we foreground political economy in metropolitan, regional, and global analyses to examine both intended and unintended consequences?  What is the role of middle-classness and relatively privileged segments of racialized minorities in shaping US cities and suburbs today, and how might these transform dominant understandings of metropolitan space?  And finally, how do long histories of colonization and dispossession function in shaping individual lives, landscapes, and public memory today?

Contributors include Jenna M. Loyd, Orlando Serrano, Thomas Michael Swensen, Shiloh Krupar and Nadine Ehlers, Johana Londoño, Michael Kahan, Kwame Holmes, and Darius Bost. Discussion ranges widely and deeply from "the global reach of carceral power" and their compounding with national and regional racial ideologies, to "the effect of biologized violence on individual bodies," to various "practices of defiance and resilience that cannot be suppressed."

Also in the works is one issue on "Censorship and Religion," as emanating from the Charlie Hebdo killings, edited by Cécile Alduy (Stanford), Bruno Cornellier (U Winnipeg), and Dominic Thomas (UCLA), and a third issue on "Cosmopolitan Palestine," edited by Salah Hassan (Michigan State). We look forward to seeing these timely conversations gain momentum, and hope you will help us spread the word!


The Editorial Team, Occasion