I was in Vancouver, BC a couple of weeks ago for two concerts with Anthony Braxton, the second being an 8-hour "sonic genome" event that brought together over 60 musicians from the Vancouver area as well as a core group of the 12(+1)tet.


One of the items I have seen most frequently on this year’s “best-of-the-decade” lists is the iPod. Mp3 players are so ubiquitous now it’s hard to believe they have only been around for 9 years.


“Community” is a popular word these days, due significantly to our community organizer in chief and his heavily publicized references to a wide range of communities from the international to the online.

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Aaron Siegel
Aaron Siegel is a composer who makes acoustic experimental work that raises questions about the relationship between performers, audience members and the space they occupy together. A recent performance in Central Park of his Science is Only a Sometimes Friend for eight glockenspiels was described by The New Yorker as a "hyptonic cloud of chiming tones."The first recording of the Aaron Siegel Ensemble, Every Morning, A History, was praised by Signal to Noise as being “representative of the flowering DIY chamber music scene in Brooklyn.” His improvisational trio, Memorize the Sky has released two recordings: Memorize the Sky (2007, 482 Music) and In Former Times (2008, Clean Feed Records) both of which document an ongoing collaboration with bassist Zach Wallace and reedist Matt Bauder. The Cabinet, a solo percussion CD (2006, Longbox Recordings) was praised by The Wire in as “an exquisite set that has a meditative ease and grace.” Aaron has presented his work at the Cybersonica Festival of Sound and Art in London, UK; the Art Academy in Dusseldorf, Germany; and the University for Art and Design in Karlsruhe, Germany. He manages educational programs for middle and high school students at the Weill Music Institute at Carnegie Hall.