Recently, I was browsing the bookstore in United’s terminal, in San Francisco’s international airport, with the aim of picking up a book, any book, of literary criticism for the long flight to Germany.


In his reply to my recent blog post, Joel Burges raises an important question: does the new imaginative thinking about history I find in recent literature and cinema also mean a "return to liberalism"?


In two recent comments on my blog entry, The Terror of the Unforeseen, two wonderful young colleagues, Joel Burges (formerly Stanford, now MIT) and Lee Konstantinou (Stanford) raised important questions regarding my thoughts.


On the sweltering Tuesday evening of September 15, 2009, an exuberant forty-six year old man stood on a stage in Tel-Aviv, Israel and asked a stirred audience, “Are you ready to kill some Nazis?” An enthusiastic “Yeah!” was the response. The name of the man, you may have guessed, is Quentin Tarantino.

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