The ecomodernists envision a decoupling from nature founded on further integration into private markers and technical innovation.


To prevent social and ecological disaster, an alternative Prometheanism requires a turn away from power, production and profit towards a new relationship to necessity and the natural world. 


The myth of Prometheus has multiple incarnations proposing distinct ideologies of progress. 


Toward an alternative future by way of an alternative past.


Revenants and returns: one French revolutionary era precursor to a contemporary debate (Part 1 of 2) .


Will the socialist proletariat of the future eat Jello-O or hand-ground tortillas? 

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Anthony Galluzzo
Lecturer at New York University
I study radical transatlantic literary culture of the 1790s and its afterlives in socialism, utopian fiction, and the gothic novel. My home base is in Brooklyn, where I grew up, although Brooklyn now hardly resembles Brooklyn then.