One of those little lies you tell undergraduates is that Romanticism-its obsession with unique inner feeling, its obsession with nature-emerged as a result of the Industrial Revolution.


With the help of Bonnie Tyler's 1983 #1 hit “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” I'm still trying to figure out what differentiates Adorno from what he calls cultural critics in "Cultural Criticism and Society."  


In Italian, when you say someone’s email address (chris dot warley at utoronto dot ca), instead of “at” you say “chiocciola,” which means snail, because @ sort of looks like a snail.


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Christopher Warley
Christopher Warley teaches Renaissance literature and Critical Theory at the University of Toronto.  


Reading Class Through Shakespeare, Donne, and Milton
Cambridge University Press | 2014
Perdita's Flowers
The Spenser Review | 2013
Sonnet Sequences and Social Distinction in Renaissance England
Cambridge University Press | 2005/2009

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