When does glossing become an authorial act? Can citation become a creative act? 


Can a recent biography change our understanding of Tristan Tzara's life and his work? 


What lost sounds do you ever want to hear again? 

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Cosana Eram
Assistant Professor, University of the Pacific
Cosana Eram's academic background includes a Ph.D. in French and Humanities at Stanford (2010), a Fulbright at NYU, as well as undergraduate and graduate studies in Romania, where she holds a Doctorate Magna Cum Laude in Philology (2003). Her current research interests encompass transatlantic avant-garde, modern and contemporary French literature, ethics of technology and the human, and digital humanities. While at Stanford, she completed a dissertation on the avant-garde, was the translation editor of the poetry journal Mantis and published a book in Romanian on literary hierarchies and their pedagogy ("Canon. Canonic," 2007, second augumented edition, 2016). As literary scholar, translator, and part of the permanent faculty at the University of Bucharest for several years, she widely wrote on modern and postmodern fiction, cultural studies, and global social issues. She is currently working on a book with the title "ScanDADAl" about the avant-garde logic of dispute. Blogging on Arcade interlaces the dimensions mentioned above.