Here is a letter I sent Rosemary Feal, the Executive Director of the MLA.  Rosemary responded promptly but said that these programs came out of the different divisions, discussion groups, and special sessions, and reflect the wishes of the membership of MLA.  I'm sure that's so but would we could make it otherwise.  Yes we can!  At least this Old Timer thinks so.


Last week I was asked to participate in a series of interviews on book reviewing today by the Canadian blogsite LEMON HOUND, administered by the poet Sina Queyras. The interview can be seen here.


On the weekend of October 15, SFMOMA sponsored a Futurist conference-festival that raised some fascinating issues for me.  My own talk--the keynote the first night--was on Marinetti's 1909 Manifesto and its offshoots, culminating in a look at Gertrude Stein's portrait "Marry Nettie" as a tongue-in-cheek critique of the great Futurist Impresario.

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O Gênio nao Original, trans. Adriano Scandolara
Editora UFMG | October 2013
Unoriginal Genius
Chicago | 2011, paperback
Differentiell Poetik, ed. Anders Lundberg
OEi, Stockholm | 2013
Poetics in a New Key: Essays and Interviews 1997-2012
DLSU Press | 2013
Difference and Discipline: The Cage-Cunningham Aesthetic
CONTEMPORARY MUSIC | 31:1 (2012), 19-35.

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