1. Leaving the Twentieth Century

What might a Marx for the twenty-first century, a #Marx21c, look like? Perhaps as different to that of the nineteenth century as this era is from that one. These are some personal, impressionistic reflections on what that might look like.

The Marxism that I know is part of my life through four kinds of experience: the party, the popular front, the avant-gardes and the university. Each offered its own possibilities and limits for Marxist thought and practice.


In the first installment of a six-part essay, McKenzie Wark poses the question, "What might a Marx for the twenty-first century, a #Marx21c, look like?"


This post is the second installment of a six-part essay. Read the full essay here.


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McKenzie Wark
McKenzie Wark is Professor of Culture and Media at The New School. He is the author, most recently, of The Spectacle of Disintegration (Verso 2013). His book Molecular Red is out in April 2015.


Molecular Red
Verso Books | 2015
The Spectacle of Disintegration
Verso Books | 2013