Who's got rhythm?  An American in Paris and the gritty reboot as epistemology of the closet.


Some reflections on Alphabet, Inc. and a suggestion that modernist architect Adolf Loos would be totally into Soylent.


On the unfathomed depths on the surface of sexuality. 


What happens when we understand the City of Lights as a medium for U.S. power abroad? 


"Consummate artist, you cannot tell what and where is Beyoncé's skin"


Like everyone else, I'm following the events at UVa with great interest and concern.


"Besides broad philosophical differences, they had at least one specific quibble: They felt Sullivan lacked the mettle to trim or shut down programs that couldn’t sustain themselves financially, such as obscure academic departments in classics and German."


The Modern Language Association has just released new author agreements for its journals (most notable among them PMLA) in which authors will hold copyright to their own work, and are explicitly granted permission to make their work accessible in open-access institutional repositories.


Today, January 18, a number of sites including Wikipedia and Reddit have gone dark in protest of the United States Congress's consideration of H.R. 3261, the "Stop Online Piracy Act," and S. 968, the "Protect IP Act."


It's been a dramatic few weeks, as the Occupy protests have converged with the demonstrations for public education that have been ongoing for the past few years.


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