Does our understanding of money affect how we are able to address unemployment, mass incarceration, and police violence in Black communities?

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Scott Ferguson and Mark L
Assistant Professor / Adjunct Lecturer
Scott Ferguson holds a Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Film Studies from UC Berkeley and is presently co-director of the Film & New Media Studies Track in the Department of Humanities & Cultural Studies at the University of South Florida. His current research and pedagogy focus on Modern Monetary Theory and the problem of aesthetics; the history of digital animation and visual effects; and essayistic writing across media platforms. He has published in Screen, Qui Parle, and Liminalities, and has an article forthcoming in Discourse. Mark L is an adjunct lecturer at the Invisible University.


"The Unheard-of Center: Critique after Modern Monetary Theory"
Arcade / "21st-Century Marxisms Colloquy" | 2015 / April 17