Funny, but only recently it was brought to my attention that I am listed in the “Jewish Shit” list, (where Shit stands for self-hating Israel-threatening), by some wacky rightwing organization (masada2000.org). I double clicked only to find myself perversely fascinated by the world I entered.


Is the public ritual of racial hints followed by an apology indicative of progress toward a more tolerant society? Or does it merely reveal America's hypocrisy? I am not sure. But look at it differently: an atmosphere where public figures need to apologize for sounding like bigots is preferable to one where they have to apologize for not being racist.

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Yigal Bronner
Yigal Bronner is an Associate Professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, specializing in Sanskrit poetry and poetics. He is the author of several books including Self-Surrender, Peace, Compassion, and The Mission of the Goose: Poems and Prayers from South India (NYU Press, 2009, co-authored with David Shulman) and of Extreme Poetry: The South Asian Movement of Simultaneous Narration, Columbia U Press, 2010). Bronner grew up in Israel and spent years struggling against Israeli occupation and for peace. He has authored numerous articles and op-eds on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.