Paragraphs: The Forgotten Middle

Mark Algee-Hewitt, Ryan Heuser, and Franco Moretti of the Stanford Literary Lab present their research on the "natural habitat of topics": paragraphs.

Mark Algee-Hewitt / Ryan Heuser / Franco Moretti

Speaker's affiliation
Stanford University
Name of Series
Micromégas: the very small, the very large, and the object of digital humanities
Sponsoring Department
The Stanford Literary Lab
Event Date
Friday, February 13, 2015

Paragraphs represent a stylistic middle ground within a text, falling somewhere between the "very small" (words) and the "very large" (the text itself). But do paragraphs serve their own functional purpose? Using topic modeling techniques to discern the themes that appear between paragraph breaks, Mark Algee-Hewitt, Ryan Heuser, and Franco Moretti of the Stanford Literary Lab set out to show that paragraphs may, indeed, transcend the words that compose them. 


Micromégas: The Very Small, the Very Large, and the Object of Digital Humanities

by Franco Moretti

Piketty’s Model: Literary History Without Fixed Objects
by Ted Underwood

Paragraphs: The Forgotten Middle
by Mark Algee-Hewitt, Ryan Heuser, and Franco Moretti

Small, Large, ‘What’ and ‘So What’: Perspectives and Challenges in Corpus Linguistics
by Susan Conrad

From Numbers to Evidence: Computer-Assisted Scholarship in the Million-Book Era
by David Mimno


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