From the Editors

Summer reading from Arcade Publications

On behalf of Arcade Publications, I'm excited to announce the debut of a new issue of our journal Republics of Letters, titled "On Sovereignty" and edited by David Bates (UC Berkeley) and Dan Edelstein (Stanford). The issue takes a fresh look at sovereignty, prompted by an awareness that 21st century forces (like globalization, emerging international law institutions, and the countervailing reassertion of the sovereign state or "homeland") have created new contexts for thinking about this question.

Rather than focusing on the more narrow political dimensions of sovereignty, this issue of Republics of Letters takes an interdisciplinary approach to the problem, emphasizing its intellectual, cultural, literary, and economic aspects. So you'll find on our pages articles by historians, literary scholars, and political scientists alike. We're eagerly looking forward to hearing your thoughts about the questions Republics of Letters reinvigorates with this issue.

Marissa Gemma is a graduate student in English at Stanford University. She is also managing editor of Arcade publications.