From the Editors

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We here at the publications rubric of Arcade have begun sending up digital smoke signals to call attention to the new issue of our journal Occasion, entitled "States of Welfare." Consider this post a more direct announcement—a front-page headline—for you, Arcade's faithful readers.

Edited by Lauren M.E. Goodlad, Bruce Robbins, and Michael Rothberg, this special issue confronts what the editors call the "Janus-faced nature of the state"—and in keeping with the interdisciplinary spirit in which the journal was founded, "States of Welfare" examines a spectrum of attitudes toward the state from various disciplinary positions. We're very eager to hear the further discussion this special issue provokes, here on the pages of Arcade, in print elsewhere, or at a water cooler near you.

And in other publications news: stay tuned for volume 2, issue 2 of Republics of Letters, to be published this spring. You'll find the most recent issue, Limits of the Atlantic Republican Tradition, at RofL's homepage.


Marissa Gemma is a graduate student in English at Stanford University. She is also managing editor of Arcade publications.