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Spring Update

One of our readers recently complained to me that Arcade doesn't have a search function.

I told him that in fact we do offer such a function, but some readers can't find it easily because the link is located in each member's sidebar (under Member: Your Name) to the right of every screen. (Not logged in? Then you won't see a sidebar at all. Arcade is a much better experience when you log in.) We used to keep Search as one of the links in the horizontal bar under the logo, but few people used it and we felt that space was too precious for something that didn't carry its weight. But perhaps the members' sidebar isn't the best place, either. This is the kind of question we're thinking about as we move into the spring.

Arcade is undergoing some changes over the next few weeks: improved systems, new features, and some tweaks to several of our regular elements. We're lucky to have three managing editors—Natalia Cecire, Marissa Gemma, and Meredith Ramirez Talusan—who have generated more good ideas than we've been able to absorb into the site. But that's about to change. If you have any thoughts about what works well and what doesn't, or about features you'd like to see, feel free to contact us via the Give Us Feedback link on your sidebar.

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Greene is a scholar of early modern culture, especially the literatures of England, Latin Europe, and the transatlantic world, and of poetry and poetics from the sixteenth century to the present. He is the author or editor of five books and many articles. His current projects include books on the poetry of the hemispheric Americas and on the Baroque. Since 2001 he has taught at Stanford University, where he is the Mark Pigott KBE Professor in the School of Humanities and Sciences.