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    by Kyla Schuller
    As feminists rise up and flood the streets in the years since Trump’s election, the movement has simultaneously strengthened its own internal critique.
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    by Michael B. Kahan and Janet Delaney
    Michael B. Kahan and Janet Delaney discuss the history of San Francisco's South of Market neighborhood from 1970 to the present.
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    by Caetano Veloso
    The singer and songwriter is interviewed by Marjorie Perloff at the 2016 Modern Language Association Convention in Austin. He discusses his early encounters with American music, how he views his...


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Presumably, it has never been a good time for the Humanities. Perhaps because it is simply in the nature of the discipline to find itself perpetually in crisis, lagging behind the times, dragging its...
Thinking identity politics, Marxism, and the neoliberal university together, Rey Chow reflects on her new book.
Nineteenth-century concepts of kinaesthesia influenced the evolution of Edmund Husserl's work, truly transforming the discipline of philosophy and setting an agenda for poststructuralism. In this piece, Noland argues that a sense category central to dance impacted what we now call "critical theory," as though the dancing body ghosted a discourse that has typically ignored it.
I am a professor at the University of Texas who happens to be Latino with a son in Travis Heights Elementary (hereafter THES, Austin, Texas). In 2017, I enrolled my 9-year old son in kindergarten at...
2021 marked the 80 th anniversary of Farhud*—a two-day pogrom against Baghdad Jewry. Following a failed pro-Nazi coup d’état in 1941, angry Muslim rioters killed 175 Jews, injured 1000, and robbed...