Secrecy, Conversion, Historicity

H.P. Blavatsky’s occult writings set the stage for speculations about crypto-conversion, conscience, and responsibility, which subsequently engaged Derrida, among other thinkers.

Present Tense

In my house live a literary critic and a historian. They do not always get along. Aside from differing views on paint colors, dinner choices, and departure times, a regular dispute erupts concerning verb tenses: present tense or past tense? When you write about a book, do you describe its action in the present tense (Hamlet whines) or in the past tense (Hamlet whined)?

Polyphonic Peace

From the recent postmodern history we have seen that the old ways of dealing with violent conflicts through the single state power proved to be in most cases violent and tragic. In the new multi-polar world of the 21st century, accepting diversity and equality of nations becomes a more important concept.