object-oriented ontology

Hyperobjects 2.0

I did a talk on what I call hyperobjects at CalArts at the beginning of this month. Next week I'm in New Orleans at Loyola University doing the 2.0 version. 1.0 was about plutonium. This one will be about oil.

Sublime Objects 3

So I taught a good class today in which I unveiled my prototype object-oriented rhetorical theory. I believe this theory allows nonhuman objects to communicate rhetorically in every meaningful sense of that word, without assuming they have a mind or anything. I know, it's weird isn't it?

Sublime Objects 2

Tomorrow I leave for RMMLA, which should be a blast. My new friend philosopher Peter Gratton will be there. I'm going to do a panel with object-oriented philosophers Ian Bogost and Levi Bryant. Ian and Levi have books that are imminent and marvelously complementary, both on OOO.

Sublime Objects

I've recenly had a lot of success workshopping an essay by blogging about it. It's on Buddhism and object-oriented ontology and you can find the most recent post here.