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12–13, Spring 2021 – Fall 2022
Issue Editors:
Amir Eshel, Galili Shahar, Vered K. Shemtov
11, fall 2021
Issue Editors:
Vered K. Shemtov, Vincent Barletta
ISSUE 9–10, fall 2020 - spring 2021
Issue Editors:
Vered K. Shemtov, Melih Levi
Debra Krakow, Free Spirit
ISSUE 8, Spring 2020
Issue Editors:
Karen Grumberg, Corine Tachtiris
ISSUE 7, fall 2019
Issue Editors:
Vered K. Shemtov, Chen Bar-Itzhak
Guy Goldstein - Few Moments (detail)
ISSUE 6, Fall 2018
Issue Editors:
Gisèle Sapiro, Vered K. Shemtov, Anne Simon
ISSUE 5, Spring 2018
Issue Editors:
Adriana X. Jacobs, Anat Weisman
Issue 4, Spring 2017
Issue Editors:
Uri S. Cohen, Michael Golston, Vered K. Shemtov
Issue 3, Fall 2016
Issue Editors:
Vered K. Shemtov, Marie-Pierre Ulloa, Anat Weisman
ISSUE 2, Spring 2016, Dedicated to Benjamin Harshav (Vilnius, 1928–New Haven, 2015)
Issue Editors:
Vered K. Shemtov, Anat Weisman


Dibur is a peer-reviewed academic journal dedicated to comparative literature.

Editorial Board

Vered Karti Shemtov, Dibur Editor-in-Chief
Chen Bar-Itzhak, Dibur Editor
Chen Edelsburg, Dibur Curated Editor


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Dibur Supporters

Dibur is made possible by grants from:

  • Stuart R. Epstein, California
  • The Taube Center for Jewish Studies
  • Center for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity, Religious Studies
  • Jewish Community Federation's Newhouse Fund
  • The School of Humanities and Sciences, Stanford University