by Gregory Jusdanis | 04.23.2015
A personal vision of how social change and climate change are connected in complicated ways. 
by Holly Crocker | 04.20.2015
Shakespeare's famous play cautions against thinking ourselves at the center of a drama of vengeance.
by Alec Hanley Bemis | 04.16.2015
A memorial for the novelist Robert Stone (1937-2015) from a former student.
by Mohammad Salama | 04.13.2015
An all-inclusive future for Comparative Literature remains a Sisyphean task, but this must not discourage attempts to expand the field's cultural horizons.
by Luke Barnhart | 04.12.2015
A preview of three upcoming fora appearing in Republics of Letters, starting with "Noise."
by William Flesch | 04.09.2015
Though Shakespeare may not have invented parapraxes, he certainly exploited their psychological depths long before Freud. 
by Mary Kim | 04.02.2015
A sneak preview of three upcoming issues, starting with "Race, Space, and Scale"
by Alexander Key | 03.25.2015
What has happened since the first Comparative Literature hires were made in Arabic over the last few decades?
by Andrew Goldstone | 03.23.2015
In memory of a writer with the rare combination of democratic humanism and fantastic world-building imagination.
by Ian Bickford | 03.19.2015
Shakespeare's literal afterlife and the status of the Humanities in the twenty-first century.