by Gregory Jusdanis | 07.17.2014

Innocuous looking stones carry the weight of a history that links Nigeria to Brazil

by Meredith Ramirez Talusan | 06.02.2014

Can one explore and document the liminal through images?

by William Egginton | 06.22.2014

Through the writings of Adorno, finding echoes of Hegel in the music of Beethoven

by Eleanor Courtemanche | 06.10.2014

Did the violent history of European exploration culminate in greater freedom or bland decadence?

by Gregory Jusdanis | 06.02.2014

Drilling beneath recent headlines of violence and terrorism in Nigeria, one finds a country bursting with energy, life, and hospitality.

by Gregory Freidin | 05.22.2014

Max Weber's readings of Tolstoy bridge the gap between the ninetheeth and twentieth century

by Gregory Freidin | 05.22.2014

What happens to history when it is looked at from the perspective of the kitchen table? Russian history is seen in a new light when one explores Soviet kitchens and their practices of communal dining.

by Roland Greene | 05.17.2014

How to account for the lasting influence of a fifty-year old work of literary criticism? Thomas P. Roche, Jr.'s book, The Kindly Flame, encourages readers to make their own meaning out of Spenser's Faerie Queene.

by Joseph Lease | 04.15.2014

Writing on the border of life and text, poet Joseph Lease suggests "the only way to be honest is to be haunted."

by Christopher Warley | 04.14.2014

"Equality or Dignity?" Christopher Warley explores the tension at the heart of Erich Auerbach's work alongside recent biographies of Derrida and Spenser.