by Ban Wang | 09.18.2014
While I was riding on a bus across the campus of Stanford University one afternoon, I noticed that almost everybody I saw was staring into his or her iPhone or talking on it.
by William Flesch | 10.07.2014
We has them. I want a cheezburger, and I can has cheezburger, but I don't want to want one.
by Ban Wang | 09.18.2014
To better understand China in the twenty-first century, globalized culture must first better understand itself.
by Gregory Jusdanis | 09.08.2014
Other than by risking a conversation, how else can we understand each other?
by Mike Chasar | 08.26.2014
Though little known today, Anne Campbell's poetry merits attention.
by Gregory Freidin | 08.13.2014
On how to understand rising tensions with Russia and its divisive president.
by Andrew Goldstone | 07.26.2014
Some methodological reflections after the DH 2014 conference. Parental advisory: Profanity, Sociology.
by Gregory Jusdanis | 07.17.2014
Innocuous looking stones carry the weight of a history that links Nigeria to Brazil.
by William Egginton | 06.22.2014
Through the writings of Adorno, finding echoes of Hegel in the music of Beethoven.
by Eleanor Courtemanche | 06.10.2014
Did the violent history of European exploration culminate in greater freedom or bland decadence?