by Alexander Key | 03.25.2015
What has happened since the first Comparative Literature hires were made in Arabic over the last few decades?
by Andrew Goldstone | 03.23.2015
In memory of a writer with the rare combination of democratic humanism and fantastic world-building imagination.
by Ian Bickford | 03.19.2015
Shakespeare's literal afterlife and the status of the Humanities in the twenty-first century. 
by Natalia Cecire | 03.06.2015
What happens when we understand the City of Lights as a medium for U.S. power abroad? 
by Cosana Eram | 03.05.2015
Can a recent biography change our understanding of Tristan Tzara's life and his work? 
by Gregory Jusdanis | 03.01.2015
What comes next for Greece if Syriza fails in its promise to end austerity policies? 
by William Flesch | 02.10.2015
Some thoughts on the potential evolutionary genesis of intersubjectivity  
by Eleanor Courtemanche | 02.09.2015
Is it time to revive Epicureanism, perhaps as academic practice? 
by David Shih | 01.27.2015
In order to educate students on race and identity, it is best to begin with some history. 
by Gregory Freidin | 01.26.2015
A brief history of Russia's wars, both internal and external, gives context for the current situation in Ukraine and Crimea.