by Scott Ferguson and Mark L | 09.22.2015
Does our understanding of money affect how we are able to address unemployment, mass incarceration, and police violence in Black communities?
by William Flesch | 09.14.2015
On the mythological and biological necessity of work: "You can only survive if you work, since so much is working against you."
by Harris Feinsod | 09.09.2015
The empty occasions of calendrical time impose their false coherence on us.
by Joshua Landy | 09.06.2015
The whimsical continuation of Wittgenstein's classic treatise. 
by Eleanor Courtemanche | 08.31.2015
The glamour of servitude in today's gilded age of privilege and celebrity worship.  
by Gregory Jusdanis | 08.29.2015
The search for love in Cavafy's written life. 
by Andrew Goldstone | 08.26.2015
If we want to do sociology of literature, let’s get away from texts for a bit.
by Mike Chasar | 08.18.2015
Before announcing the death of poetry, look at the numbers. Poems circulate widely in U.S. popular culture. 
by Natalia Cecire | 08.11.2015
Some reflections on Alphabet, Inc. and a suggestion that modernist architect Adolf Loos would be totally into Soylent.
by Natalia Cecire | 08.06.2015
On the unfathomed depths on the surface of sexuality.