by Gregory Jusdanis | 01.22.2015
Reality of austerity as seen from the Athens Metro sheds light on recent elections in Greece
by Eleanor Courtemanche | 01.08.2015
Fallible, stupid, and yet joyful, comedy is a very human magic lately much on our minds. 
by McKenzie Wark | 01.19.2015
1. Leaving the Twentieth Century What might a Marx for the twenty-first century, a #Marx21c, look like? Perhaps as different to that of the nineteenth century as this era is from that one. These are some personal, impressionistic reflections on what that might look like. The Marxism that I know is part of my life through four kinds of experience: the party, the popular front, the avant-gardes and the university. Each offered its own possibilities and limits for Marxist thought and practice.
by McKenzie Wark | 01.10.2015
In the first installment of a six-part essay, McKenzie Wark poses the question, "What might a Marx for the twenty-first century, a #Marx21c, look like?"
by Roland Greene | 01.10.2015
Over the next several weeks, Arcade will introduce Colloquies, the feature we’ve developed over the past year with the support of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.  
by Hannah Walser | 12.20.2014
In light of current events, Shakespeare helps us realize that only those already protected by the law can afford to show mercy.
by Natalia Cecire | 12.16.2014
"Consummate artist, you cannot tell what and where is Beyoncé's skin"
by Enrique Lima | 11.16.2014
The mainstream popularity of black culture today does not erase centuries of racial violence and oppression.
by Cosana Eram | 10.29.2014
What lost sounds do you ever want to hear again? 
by Mike Chasar | 10.22.2014
Poetry connects the remembrance of war with an awareness of the ecological costs of our eating habits