by Christopher Warley | 07.20.2015
Dated scholarship can obscure more than it describes a period like the Renaissance. Can such studies be productively read today? 
by Gregory Jusdanis | 07.16.2015
Greeks young and old, workers and professionals, showed that in utter hopelessness you can vote to maintain your dignity.
by Natalia Cecire | 07.29.2015
So, I'm late to this, but I finally sat down and had a proper read of Benjy Kahan's 2013 book Celibacies: American Modernism and Sexual Life.
by Anthony Galluzzo | 07.02.2015
Toward an alternative future by way of an alternative past.
by Anthony Galluzzo | 06.23.2015
Revenants and returns: one French revolutionary era precursor to a contemporary debate (Part 1 of 2) .
by William Flesch | 06.20.2015
Can you guess these famous last words and their meaning?
by David Shih | 06.09.2015
Can the concept of white privilege stand in the way of learning about racism?
by Anthony Galluzzo | 06.05.2015
Will the socialist proletariat of the future eat Jello-O or hand-ground tortillas? 
by Gregory Jusdanis | 05.22.2015
Student protests in Amsterdam, budget cuts, and the future of the humanities. 
by Gregory Jusdanis | 04.23.2015
A personal vision of how social change and climate change are connected in complicated ways.